She Speaks:

Academic Muslimahs

A podcast by Saba Fatima, PhD.

About the Podcast:

She Speaks: Academic Muslimahs is on indefinite hiatus

She Speaks: Academic Muslimahs is a podcast hosted by Saba Fatima, Associate Professor of Philosophy at Southern Illinois University Edwardsville.

Muslimah is the feminine form of the word Muslim in Arabic.

She Speaks: Academic Muslimahs features interviews with folks who self-identify as Muslimah and are in academia. The conversations revolve around a diverse array of topics; from mental health and climate change to Palestine and Christmas!

Generally, episodes are released every other Friday.

The podcast provides a platform to discuss all things Muslim, women, and academia. The purpose is to elevate the profile of Muslimah academics, shed light on important issues, and connect us via conversations.

Please listen, subscribe, review, and share the podcast. Support representation of marginalized voices!

Intro and outro music by Husain Yaseen

Cover Art (copyrighted) by Naomi Giddings

Season Eight

Saba Fatima

Associate Professor of Philosophy

Southern Illinois University Edwardsville

Ep. 44: FeeAmaanAllah

Season Seven

Produced by Gabrielle Quarles (ep 39 & 40) & Melessa Herzberg (41 onward)

Elora Shehabuddin

Professor of Transnational Asian Studies

Core Faculty in the Center for the Study of Women, Gender, and Sexuality.

Rice University

Ep. 43: Feminisms in Conversation

Linda Hyökki

PhD Candidate

Civilization Studies

Ibn Haldun University, Istanbul

Ep. 42: Whiteness & Anti-Muslim Racism in Finland

Sara Abdalla

PhD Candidate

University of Middlesex

Ep. 41: Inclusive Art

Aminah Beverly McCloud Al Deen

Professor Emeritus of Religious Studies and Director of Islamic World Studies program

DePaul University

Ep. 40: Islam in America

Sana Rizvi

Senior Lecturer in Education

Division of Education

Liverpool John Moores University

Ep. 39: Undoing Whiteness in Disability Studies

Transcript by Melessa Herzberg & Saba Fatima

Season Six

Produced by Gabrielle Quarles

Saima Ansari

University of Salford

Ep. 38: Identity, religion, and clothing

Conversation with Dr. Sana Rizvi

(Bi-lingual - Urdu/English)

Ep. 35: #MeToo & Aurat March

Julie Prior

Assistant Professor

English Department

Oklahoma Panhandle State University

Ep. 36: Spiritual Journey

Fatemeh Mardi

Instructional Designer

Office of eLearning

University of Missouri System

Ep. 37: Toll of the academic job market

Season Five

Maha Nassar

Associate Professor

School of Middle Eastern and North African Studies

University of Arizona

Ep. 34: Palestine

Saba Fatima

Host of She Speaks: Academic Muslimahs

Associate Professor of Philosophy

Southern Illinois University Edwardsville

Ep. 35A: Hiatus/ Mental Health

Season Four

Produced by Madison Sample

Saba Fatima

Host of She Speaks: Academic Muslimahs

Associate Professor of Philosophy

Southern Illinois University Edwardsville

Ep. 33: Gender & Academia

Interview with Shannon Strom

Banafsheh Madaninejad

Founder of Sisters in Leadership Training and I-AMM

Co-host of The Defining Moment

& Red Peace Machine

Ep. 32: Interconnecting Arabs, Muslims and Middle Easterners

Amani Hassani

2020 Sociological Review Fellow

Keele University

Ep. 31: Systemic Racism and Islamophobia in Denmark

Elora Halim Chowdhury

Associate Professor

Women’s & Gender Studies

Director of the Human Rights Program

University of Massachusetts Boston

Ep. 30: Bangladeshi Identity and Transnational Cinema

Shehnaz Haqqani

Assistant Professor of Religion

Mercer University

Ep. 29: Islamic Feminism

Aalih Hussein

PhD candidate

Social Work , Joint Doctoral Program

North Carolina University Greensboro and

North Carolina Agricultural & Technical State University

Ep. 28: Self-Care

Shabana Mir

Associate Professor

Dept of Anthropology and Director of Undergraduate Studies

American Islamic College

Ep. 27: Experiences of Muslim American Women

Sanae Elmoudden

Associate Professor

Rhetoric, Communication and Theatre Department

St. John's University

Ep. 26: Mental Health Awareness

Season Three

Produced by Blerta Beluli

Lubaaba Al-Azami

PhD candidate

English Literature, University of Liverpool

Visiting Doctoral Researcher , University of Oxford

Ep. 25: English Encounters with the Mughal Empire

Nazita Lajevardi

Michigan State University

Assistant Professor

Department of Political Science

Ep. 24: American Islamophobia and Political Participation

Shireen Al-Adeimi

Michigan State University

Assistant Professor

Department of Teacher Education

Ep. 23: Yemeni Crisis

Conversation with Sana Rizvi

Ep. 22: Elections 2020

Maha Hilal

Justice for Muslims Collective

Ep. 21: Islamophobia in Grad School

Hawraa Al-Hassan

University of Cambridge

Research Associate

Centre of Islamic Studies

Ep. 20: Iraqi Women's Literature

Sahar Aziz

Rutgers University Law School

Professor of Law

Ep. 19: 9/11

Conversation with Sana Rizvi

Ep. 18: Ashura

Nadia B. Ahmad

Barry University School of Law

Associate Professor

Ep. 17: Democratic Party

Season Two

Season 2 Finale

Ep 16: Eid / Ramzan/Ramadan Special

Katherine Bullock

University of Toronto at Mississauga

Lecturer Department of Political Science

Ep 15: Hostility to the Hijab

Melinda González

Louisiana State University

PhD Candidate Anthropology

Ep 14: Mental Health & Decolonizing Academic Spaces

Conversation with Sana Rizvi

Ep. 13: Living Through a Pandemic

Kayla Wheeler

Grand Valley State University Assistant Professor of Area & Global Studies and Digital Studies

Ep. 11: Black Muslimah Fashion

Sadaf Jaffer

Princeton University

Postdoctoral Research Associate

Ep. 10: Muslim American political participation

Narjis Hyder

Walden University

Core Faculty at The Riley College School of Education & Leadership

Ep. 9: On Caregiving

Nyla Ali Khan

Kashmiri American Scholar

Ep. 8: Kashmir

Season One

produced by Erica Green

Season 1 Finale:

Christmas Special

The episode features Dr. Sakina Jangbar, Dr. Noor-Aiman Khan, Dr. Elham Mireshghi, Dr. Neelofer Qadir, Nur Shahir, and Dr. Sophia Spadavecchia

Ep. 7: Muslims moving through Christmas

Anbreen Bashir

Harris–Stowe State University

Associate Professor of Biology

Ep. 6: Bio-genetics & Climate Change

Tasneem Zaihra

The College at Brockport

Assistant Professor Department of Mathematics

Ep. 5: Immigrant Journey

Khadijah Elshayyal

University of Edinburgh

Visiting Fellow at Centre for the Study of Islam in the Contemporary World

Ep. 4: Islamophobia in UK

Sakina Jangbar

St. John's University

Assistant Professor of Rhetoric, Communication and Theatre

Ep. 3: Feminist Expressions

Ep. 2: Episode Unavailable

Sana Rizvi

University of Exeter

Lecturer in Education

Ep. 1: Fat-phobia

Want to come on

She Speaks:

Academic Muslimahs?

Email us! We are always open to having Muslimahs in academia who self-identify as Muslim.

You can email us at

There is no one type of guest. Email me if you want to talk about:

  • your life journey (personal or professional or both!)

  • your book

  • your research (esp. if its of significance to the general public)

  • your pedagogical style

  • your college/university work environment

  • the cult of academia

  • U.S./ U.K./ European politics as it impacts Muslim locally and/or Muslims at-large

  • literally anything you are passionate about and have some degree of expertise on from your research and/or life experiences!

We are especially interested in featuring marginalized voices and perspectives within Muslim communities (Black, Latina, Native American, LGBTQ, Muslimahs or lived experiences regarding poverty, mental health, religious judgment, joint family, etc.).

About myself:

I am an Associate Professor of Philosophy at Southern Illinois University at Edwardsville.

I love learning and thinking about the social and political aspects of the world we live in.

More about me: